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    Change your experience.
    Change your life.

Community Learning

Remote or Onsite

Equip and train staff to run digital groups of 1 or more students, patients, clients, and staff using interactive discussions and hundreds of cognitive behavioral courses.

During Recovery and Reopening

To help you stay connected and keep your groups running, we are giving Truthought GO Basic digital memberships (orange level) at no cost to new and existing Premier and Pro members. If you are already a member, contact us to get your learner accounts or get started today for this limited time offer.


Products featuring thought-provoking, life transforming, evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral curriculum and visual aids.

More than Personal Progress, it’s a Better Way of Life

Exercise your THINKING to change your EXPERIENCE in every area and relationship of your life. Navigate Truthought GO on your own or, for the greatest impact, form digital teams of family, co-workers. and friends to learn and grow together.

for You

Going solo does not mean going it alone. Truthought GO will be there for you day after day to guide you on a purposeful path to your best life! Sign up as a Team Leader/Pro and invite friends to join you in exercises and brainstorming for a better school, workplace, or community.

for Leaders

Whether you lead an organization, teach a class, care for patients, counsel clients, or raise a family you can keep them on a path of positive progress with Truthought GO.


Gain traction in developing positive character in student lifestyles. Truthought brings a meaningful culture of integrity and responsibility that sparks measurable behavior improvement in the classroom and continuity among staff district-wide. Perfect for K12 and Special Ed.

The Workplace

Issues related to employee and their families’ health, mental health, separation, child and senior care, school truancy, addiction and crime — all lead to lack of employee productivity and lost time in the workplace. Give your workforce the support they need to meet their life’s challenges and watch those low productivity and lost-time factors disappear!


Whoever you think of as family — they are the people from whom you draw the strength, identity, and character to live your best life. Get an edge on family matters that keeps the positive energy flowing through all seasons of family growth. Sign your family up to Truthought GO and strengthen family support and bonding.

Friends / Coworkers

Two are better than one and a good friend is often all we need to make it through the troubles life brings. When you want to help, but you’re not sure what to say, Truthought GO gives you the tools and the confidence to be a friend, indeed, to a friend in need!

Social Services

Interact seamlessly for more effective and consistent outcomes with Truthought GO. Perfect for health and human services, court services, corrections, probation/parole, reentry, mental health, addictions, outpatient, youth, adult, foster care and family services.

Solutions for a unique YOU and YOUR unique Community

You deserve tailor-made solutions just for you. With Truthought GO you can go solo or explore with teams you build from your community of friends, coworkers and family. Either way, you will discover your own answers to meet your life’s challenges and make your life more satisfying and meaningful.

My son’s life is changed! I want to learn more!

My son learned from your information and it changed his life, now I want to learn more!

Some programs inspire, some teach.

I believe this program tracks the truth. The truth that inspires people to change.

Truthought is Saving Lives!

I use your program with professionals suffering with addictions. I have primarily doctors, lawyers, and pilots in my course. They tell me it is saving their lives and I agree.

Powerful Tools for Change

Understanding what goes on inside irresponsible minds, recognizing destructive thinking patterns, and a common language for professionals are all powerful tools for change.

Training Offers Clinical Skills

I have taken Truthought Training and as a psychiatrist and former HHS director it is my observation that whether staff have a GED or Ph.D. Truthought Training equips them with solid clinical skills.

Truthought has a model that relates to all kinds of programs.

It helped me understand the learning styles of the antisocial. I liked the tactic interrupters, concept of the ripple effect and emphasis on paying attention to thoughts not feelings.

For schools with bullying-gang types

this application is a great intervention. Change their thinking and you will change their life.

I really enjoyed this course!

I will not only use it at my facility, I intend to implement it in my personal life!

A powerful tool for offenders,

Truthought allows them to KNOW they have control of their recovery!

The progress has been incredible.

I supervise a high risk group of offenders. The Truthought Corrective Thinking Model we have used so far has worked better than I ever expected.

As a former offender,

I am passionate about this curriculum and I believe 100% that this will work. My hope is that what I have learned will be accepted by all necessary staff.

This is the missing piece to our puzzle!

I have often thought, “if only we could change the way they are thinking.” Now we have the tools to do this!

A great foundation for mental health workers!

I know it will aid in facilitating of groups as well as individual clients.

Truthought will hopefully mushroom

creating a present generation of “changed” thinkers and a future generation of responsible thinkers.

Truthought gives our clients

a continuum of care that empowers them to create a better future.


I would like to tell you how much your program has helped me in my life. I was in a lock down facility and while at that facility I was given a chance to better my self by your program and it has helped a bunch. So thank you so much!

My teenage son is ADHD

After Truthought Training when my son said he could not complete a school assignment, first he blamed the school, then the teacher, then his employer. But I continued to get to the bottom line using Truthought Tactic Interrupters. It was amazing. I watched him go from emotionally-drunk to thoughtfully-sober in less than 20 minutes.

I have used the Truthought Model for over 5 years;

I have been exposed to many different types of programs that are supposed to help criminals change and become productive, but Truthought is the ONLY one that holds them accountable. Even those individuals who are court-ordered, do not want to change, and are just going through the motions seem to get something positive and lasting from the Truthought process.

As Clinical Director of a large Multi-Service Organization,

I am at liberty to be creative with program implementation. Yet the Truthought Curriculum can be implemented at so many different levels across the various programs and with varying populations that I plan to have staff implement it across the organization.

Not One Truthought Student Has Come through The Prison!

Working for a prison is so different than public school and prior to that I worked at a home that used Boy’s Town Model. In 9 years at the prison I have seen every young man that was at that home come through the halls of this prison, but not one of our TruThought school students. As a matter of fact, several have stayed in touch through social media and keep me informed of their successes!