Children’s Thinking Curriculum Kit ‘n Kaboodle + Free Animations


Learning how we think and developing prosocial, responsible character has never been so much fun! This early prevention curriculum includes 9 Bug Stories, class discussion plans, dozens of cognitive behavioral application activities and visual aids: 9 Stories, 9 Activity Guides, 4 CDs with the audio narratives, 9 songs sung by the Bugs, 18 Reusable, Vinyl Character Stickers, and 9 Posters that retell the stories in pictures.

Read the stories, play the audio version, or kick-back and enjoy The Animated Stories that illustrate early stage thinking-habits for children and the young at heart.

Welcome to the Children’s Thinking Curriculum Kit ‘n Kaboodle! Discover the exciting world of childhood thinking and behavior while cultivating prosocial and responsible character traits. This engaging early prevention curriculum is designed to make discovering how we think and act an enjoyable experience for children. It includes a variety of resources such as Bug Stories, interactive activities, discussion plans, and visual aids. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Bug Stories: Immerse yourself in the captivating tales of our bug characters as they navigate through various situations. These stories provide valuable insights into early stage thinking habits for children.
  2. Activity Guides: Explore the cognitive behavioral applications through dozens of fun and interactive activities. These guides encourage children to reflect on their thoughts and actions while developing essential skills for responsible behavior.
  3. Audio Narratives: Dive into the world of bugs with our audio versions of the stories. Listen to the engaging narratives that bring the characters to life, fostering imagination and auditory learning.
  4. Bug Songs: Enjoy the catchy tunes sung by our bug characters, which reinforce the key lessons from each story. These songs make learning memorable and entertaining, allowing children to internalize the concepts effortlessly.
  5. Reusable, Vinyl Character Stickers: Interact with the bugs on a more tangible level using the included stickers. Stick them on notebooks, posters, windows, or any other suitable surface to further engage with the characters and reinforce positive behaviors. Unstick them and place them on other surfaces anytime.
  6. Story Posters: Retell the bug stories through vibrant and captivating pictures. These posters provide a visual representation of the narratives, aiding comprehension and sparking discussions about the characters’ experiences.
  7. Animated Stories: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the animated versions of the bug stories. These visually captivating presentations offer an alternative way to explore early stage thinking habits, suitable for both children and those young at heart.

The Children’s Thinking Curriculum Kit ‘n Kaboodle combines storytelling, interactive activities, audiovisual resources, and visual aids to create a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. It aims to develop children’s understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and actions, promoting prosocial and responsible character traits. Get ready to embark on an exciting and fun journey of self-discovery and personal growth!

Free Animated Videos

NOTE: Stickers, posters and CD’s are shipped in two separate packages. The THINKtivity Guide PDF is available for download immediately and for 7 more days after you place your order. A link to download the file is provided with your email receipt.

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