Kingdom Thinking Prison Bible Study


Chaplain Kendall Hughes, Observations on Thinking and Recidivism. “When I did my Doctorate of Ministry Thesis on how chaplains can reduce recidivism I read what I could find on criminal thinking. As I did, I found that what best seemed to describe their mindset was the work of Drs. Stanton Samenow and Samuel Yochelson. I have referred back to their work so many times that I’ve developed a new version of the old quote sometimes attributed to Barth that ‘We should preach with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.’ Prison ministers should preach and teach with the Bible in one hand and The Criminal Personality in the other.  This principle is what you will find in the Kingdom Thinking Bible Study Series. They are Bible studies designed to address the pressing need of inmates to stop their old, irresponsible thinking patterns and be transformed to think in a Godly and responsible way.”

Truthought has published these studies in the same format as their research-based, group curriculum, Charting a New Course, so that the Bible Studies synthesize with the Nine Thinking Error sections and fit seamlessly in the same binder.

For best formatting and ease of using the lesson plans with the lesson handouts, you may want to print the pages front and back to flow seamlessly with other Truthought curriculum for facilitator use.