Just Thinking Guide with NEW PDF reproducible handouts


NEW with Reproducible Handouts PDF.
Great for cultivating pro-social thinking and improved behavior in learners. Complete with life-changing, reproducible handouts (PDF), plus Facilitator Group Discussion Plans. Chapter topics: Check My Thinking, Target Positive Thinking, Committing to Culture, Proactive Accountability, and Making My Destiny. Includes a new bonus section: with reproducible journal sheets and dozens of consequence worksheets.

Evidence-based-design as an open-ended, cognitive-behavioral, group curriculum, so you can easily select exercises in any sequence as it directly applies to the learners’ current thinking habits (risk/needs) and group participants may join or exit at any time. Best for intervention and diversion. 304 pages.

√ Option to buy handout PDFs only for those who do NOT facilitate groups, but want to give their learners cognitive behavioral exercises to help them think more prosocial thoughts and make positive progress.

OPTIONAL – Just Thinking Workbook sold separately.

Items with PDFs are NON-returnable, NON-refundable.

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