Road Ahead Facilitator Guide with Handouts


Embark on an exciting journey towards a brighter future with our facilitator guide, designed to enhance decision-making skills and foster responsible lifestyles through cognitive-behavioral exercises. This engaging curriculum focuses on key areas such as Home Commitment, Building Meaningful Connections, Enhancing Employability, and Embracing the Unexpected.

This guide is also suitable for both individual and group settings, offering flexibility in its implementation. Used together, The Road Ahead Guide seamlessly complements the Staying on Track Guide, providing a holistic approach to maintaining personal growth and development. Whether utilized during re-entry, aftercare, prevention, or diversion programs, this resource is tailored to meet diverse needs.

Inside, you will find clear instructions, well-structured lesson plans, and a handy index that aligns handouts with specific Thinking Barriers and Responsible Thinking concepts. Additionally, the guide includes reproducible hard-copy handouts as well as PDF versions, with the option to access materials in Spanish, ensuring accessibility for a wider audience. (188 pages)

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