Tackle Tactics Facilitator Guide with Handouts


Tackle the Tactics that reinforce negative lifestyles and replace them with an ability to trust and be trustworthy. Counteract negative habits and replace manipulation with honesty and trust with this invaluable resource that provides step-by-step instructions and thoughtfully crafted discussion plans for each cognitive-behavioral, reproducible handout exercise.  Sourced from two notebooks: Tackling Tactics and Trust. The flexibility of this guide allows you to administer the exercises in order or in any sequence you desire and to accommodate participants who may join or commence from your group at any time.

Adaptable to any setting and suitable for all stages of change, the Facilitator Guide is an indispensable tool for personal discovery and positive transformation. Additionally, we are pleased to offer the handouts in Spanish, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for a wider range of participants.

Unleash the potential for positive growth and empowerment with the Facilitator Guide: Tackle Tactics with Trust. (304 pages)

Prefer to give your learners individual workbooks instead of handouts? Check out the Tackling Tactics Notebook and the Trust Notebook.

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