The Road Ahead Group Curriculum (reproducible)


The NEW Road Ahead has been converted from the original single-use workbook to a multi-use,  REPRODUCIBLE GROUP CURRICULUM with Leader Discussion Plans and Index Key to Barriers and Responsible Thinking, so you can easily select exercises in a sequence that directly targets your learners’ current thinking habits (risk/needs).

Take your team on a road trip to a better future with cognitive-behavioral exercises for decision-making and responsible ways of living. Ideal for diversion, re-entry, aftercare and maintaining positive life change. 188 pages.

Available also in digital format in Truthought GO with LEADER DISCUSSION PLANS for Team Leader Members and exercises for student team members.

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  1. The Road Ahead is designed as an open-ended cognitive-behavioral curriculum for groups where participants can start or commence from the program at any time. The written exercises can be administered in any sequence according to facilitator judgment. Sample pages and instructions.
  2. Assess Risk/Needs – Truthought’s Thinking Assessment reveals dominant thinking patterns. Use the assessment to determine pre/post results, or for longitudinal studies, and to measure relevant processes and provide measurement feedback.
  3. Target Intervention by prioritizing assignments from The Road Ahead that correspond to the top 3 thinking patterns common to all of the group members according to the assessment. The Road Ahead’s index shows exercise pages that correspond to the thinking patterns and each reproducible written exercise comes with a leader discussion plan.
  4. Skill Train with Directed Practice – Use the facilitator discussion plans provided with each written exercise to lead group discussions that emphasize personal applications and result in personal commitments to do something positive, different, and specific. The savvy facilitator will also consider temperament, learning style, motivation, and culture when choosing exercises and leading discussions. They will structure the number of assignments and frequency of group discussions according to risk/need.

Truthought GO digital learning platform for training staff.

  1. Enhance Intrinsic Motivation by mastering Truthought’s dialogue process for meaningful momentum taught online in the Leader Training Course from Truthought GO.
  2. Increase Positive Reinforcement using Truthought’s process for administering cognitive consequences, and developing an individualized reward system that flows with a 4:1 positive to negative interaction application. All covered in the Leader Training Course in Truthought GO.
  3. Engage Ongoing Support in Communities with Truthought GO Teams. Easily connect and engage focused support from associated provider organizations and significant support persons for each individual you serve.
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