Online, Instructor-Led, Train-the-Trainer PRO Certificate


You need a  LEADER PRO membership to Truthought GO to participate in this training.

Location: Online in Truthought GO

Truthought’s Leader PRO Train-the-Trainer Workshop is your key to effective ongoing staff training and development in the Truthought Process. Expect an immersive, interactive experience that will give you the experience and skill to act as Truthought GO Trainer.

Prior to the online event: You’ll receive an invitation to join in the course activities and exclusive discussions in Truthought GO!

    • You must have a Leader PRO account to be admitted into the course with Instructor-led Discussions.

At the online event:

    • Master Truthought’s Approach to spur responsible thinking and positive lasting change.
    • Gain strategic dialogue techniques for training staff to converse with and motivate learners.
    • Foolproof consequences to insure progress whether or not learners are compliant.
    • Learn how to establish a values-based common ground
    • Develop an EBP systematic approach within a Truthought ECO-Culture for Staff.
    • Earn your Truthought Trainer Certificate

Admission: To participate you need to

  1. Secure your membership to Truthought GO. Team Leader Pro required.
  2. Register for the workshop below. Include the email address of each participant registration in the notes section, so that we can send their invitations to the Discussion GO Team.

This course is truly better with co-workers and friends. Select the number of attendees:



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