Pocket Guides and Pocket Coaches


Truthought Classic Pocket Coach: boost Prosocial Thinking and decision-making with this fold-out Pocket Coach. Each guide features: Tactics and Trust, Thinking Barriers and Responsible Thinking, Life Ratings, Stay on Track and How To Check Your Thinking. A must have tool for one-on-one and group counseling! 25/pack. (12″ x 7″).

Spanish Pocket Guide – A handy, smaller size. Each guide features: Tactics, Thinking Barriers, Responsible Thinking, and Stay on Track. It’s half the size of the pocket coaches so there are more per pack. 50/pk. (9.5″ x 3.5″).

Faith-based Pocket Coach with a biblical view toward spiritual transformation. Includes 9 Spiritual Transformation parallels to Thinking Barriers and Responsible Thinking. Perfect convergence with Truthought applications for faith-based programs, Christian education and reentry ministry. 25/pack.  (12″ x 7″).

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