Truthought Facilitator Training for Leaders and Overseers

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Earn Your Truthought Leader Certificate

This training in digital format is best experienced with a group of co-workers. Expect an immersive, digital experience as you complete 7 training modules. Three or more weeks are needed to complete the course. You can shorten or lengthen that time to suit your pace.

You will:

  • Identify errant thinking and tactic patterns and gain a universal language for working as a team
  • Foolproof consequences to insure progress even with non-compliant learners
  • Discover Truthought’s Dialogue Principles to spur responsible thinking and positive momentum.
  • Earn your Truthought Leader Certificate.

Additionally, you can:

  • Access Truthought curriculum and learn to administer your favorite Truthought exercises.
  • Work with learners individually or in groups. Assign exercises and review answers. Run groups with leader discussion plans.

Description of Training Modules:

  1. Thinking Habits Discovery
    Go deeper into recognizing and identifying the nuances of each of 9 patterns of thinking errors. Understanding gained from this module is essential to the quality of the approach to treatment.
  2. What’s Behind Misbehavior
    A brief introductory overview using an introspective exploration of how our thinking shapes values and beliefs. Includes an introduction to patterns of thinking and patterns of manipulation. When we take time to delve into patterns introspectively it can help us better understand our learners.
  3. Master the Best Approach
    The best approach described in this module is one that anyone can use, complies with principles of EBP, and perhaps most importantly, does NOT conflict with or override other staff. This module helps staff take an approach that allows them to make their own clinical judgments while staying in concert with other staff and avoiding mixed messages that so quickly deplete the effectiveness of treatment.
  4. Start a Change Reaction
    A detailed explanation and analysis followed by multiple skill practices involving Truthought’s approach combined with Stages of Change. The approach allows staff to function as a skillful team without having to sacrifice personal opinion and treatment judgment. This is the most tedious module in the course. Role-playing outside of the digital platform is strongly recommended. Role plays should include extensive practice in re-directing tactics to a responsible focus (Master the Best Approach, part 2 – Redirect Tactics…) and the skills from this module.
  5. Consequence Smarter Not Harder
    Consequence Smarter Not Harder addresses the counter-intuitive nature of effective consequences and how important it is for staff to avoid falling back on an intuitive reaction to use punitive or shame based measures as a consequence to inappropriate behavior. This module provides the final piece that many trainees will have sensed that “something was missing” in the previous skills practice of Modules 3 and 4. Role Plays should be revisited and include administering consequences and follow up.
  6. Great Expectations Get Great Results
    Like crafting consequences, crafting effective expectations is a counter-intuitive process. Learn the rules for making your rules more effective and most importantly, making them thorough and flexible to the environment without being overwhelming.
  7. Design Your System for Optimal Effect
    Putting all the pieces together for your system.


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1 review for Truthought Facilitator Training for Leaders and Overseers

  1. Bill H

    Truthought Go is one of the best interactive training modules I’ve been a part of. The training has helped me personally and as a facilitator leading "corrective thinking" groups. As our groups have increased, Truthought Go is helping us to train other facilitators.
    Bill H

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