Truthought Pocket Guides 25/pk

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Boost Prosocial Thinking with this handy, fold-out Pocket Coach. Each guide features: Tactics and Trust, Thinking Barriers and Responsible Thinking, Life Ratings, Stay on Track and How To Check Your Thinking. A must have tool for one-on-one and group counseling! 25/pack. (12″ x 7″) Order 5 packs or more and save.

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7 reviews for Truthought Pocket Guides 25/pk

  1. I was a foster-parent to an awesome 17 year old adolescent who had a great fear that he would grow up to be just like his dad – who was in prison for murder and drugs…Once I showed him the Truthought Program Guide and showed him that he had responsilbe thinking compared to his dad’s irresponsible thinking he honesting looked as if a ton was unloaded from his shoulders! This changed him!! Thanks!! Debi

  2. I rate the tactic card the best, a 5!

  3. I work in a state penitentiary, and we hand these out to parole violators, parolees and their families. They are a great resource to begin instigating the change in thought process, which leads to a change in behavior.

  4. I would recommend this item to anyone. Truthought’s material helps my clients understand and work through addiction problems and the behaviors which lead to relapse. A must have for the addiction therapist.

  5. The guides are wonderful! We have posters of them in one of our meeting room, and people are always saying I wish I had a copy. Now we do! Although they could be a bit larger, they are still great to have. Thank you, Susan L. Jones

  6. The pocket coach bridges the gap between the Agent of Change and the Learner. It helps keep the Learner focused on what’s important, and the Agent of Change.

  7. I often get asked, “Can I have one of those cards?”

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