Be The Truthought Trainer

Offered in digital format this training can be accessed from your favorite device. You need a  Pro level membership to Truthought GO to get started.

Earn Your Truthought Trainer Certificate

The Trainer Certificate Course is the same course as the Leader Course except it includes access to trainer discussion plans for leading breakout discussion groups and answering questions. As the trainer you can setup as many groups as you need for breakout group discussions.  Team Leader Memberships are required for trainees.

Expect an immersive, interactive experience as you and your staff complete 7 interactive training modules. An average of 3 weeks is needed to complete the course, but you can shorten or lengthen that time to suit your own pace.

  • Gain a universal language for working as a team
  • Learn to recognize errant thinking and manipulative tactic patterns
  • Foolproof your consequences to insure progress is made even when learners are non-compliant
  • Learn how to influence lasting change in thinking, values, and way of life.
  • Get acquainted with Truthought’s Dialogue Principles to spur responsible thinking and positive momentum.
  • Earn your Truthought Leader Certificate or Trainer Certificate

Additionally, within Truthought GO you can work with clients and students:

  • Access Truthought’s entire curriculum portfolio in an interactive digital format.
  • Assign interactive cognitive behavioral exercises to clients and review client answers.
  • Each exercise comes with a leader discussion plan you can use to run group discussions.
  • Form digital client discussion groups to increase personal application and enhance accountability.
  • See Truthought GO platform features

Register as a Leader Pro to earn your Truthought Trainer Certificate and start leading staff training while you earn your certificate. When you need to register multiple staff trainees use Volume Purchasing below or call or email us for assistance.

Annual accounts are recommended for training.

A Leader PRO Annual account gives you the tools and credential to act as a Truthought GO Trainer — billed yearly at $215.40

Volume Purchasing is the best option for purchasing and managing multiple staff training or client membership accounts.

Leader Pro Account



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