Thinking Barriers and Tactics Courses

It’s so much easier to learn by watching and clicking than by sitting in a long lecture or reading a thick manual. That’s why we put our most valuable basic training online. Offering insight into the root of behavior problems, irresponsible thinking and manipulative tactics. Discover common thinking habits that run through the mind — anyone’s mind. Uncover your own habits, correct your thinking, and change your life for good. Earn a certificate of completion for school, court, or job requirements. 

  • Learn how to recognize Thinking Barriers and Tactics among youth or adults
  • Develop new insight as you view short videos with a multi-choice Q/A format.
  • Depending on your current proficiency a course in Thinking Barriers and Tactics takes 4 hours or less. You can exit and re-enter the course as often as needed.
  • Earn your certificate of completion for school, court, or job requirements.
  • Engage in any of hundreds of other exercises in Truthought GO. Choose from life themes and topics to meet your current life questions.
  • Truthought GO courses can be accessed from your favorite electronic device for as low as $3.95 to 5.95 per month. Cancel anytime.

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