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Your Destiny is not by Chance, it’s made by Choice.

You CAN make good choices. Sometimes all you need is a little help. So if you’re dissatisfied with your past, join Truthought GO and start making better choices today! Your future self will thank you again and again!

for Leaders

Whether you lead an organization, teach a small group, or counsel individuals you can keep everyone on a path of positive progress with Truthought GO. Choose:

  • Leader Pro for Directors, Principals, Employers
  • Team Leader for staff, counselors, teachers, supervisors, parents
  • Individual for students, clients, employees, patients, friends, family (any beneficiary of your leadership wisdom)!

for You

Join as an individual and you won’t be alone. Truthought GO will be there for you day after day to keep you on the path to your best life! Choose:

  • an Individual Membership
  • (Joining a GO Team is available BY INVITATION FROM A TEAM LEADER only). If you do not have a Team leader, choose Team Leader and invite your family and friends to join your GO Team today!


A good friend is often all a person needs to make it through the troubles life brings. You want to help, but you’re not sure what to say. Truthought GO gives you the tools and the confidence to be a friend, indeed, to a friend in need! For two friends you need:


Whoever you think of as family — they are the people from whom you draw the strength, identity, and character to live your best life. Truthought GO gives you an edge on family matters that keeps the positive energy flowing through all seasons of life. For a family of 12 or fewer you need:


Truthought GO delivers an effective approach to behavior management and a proven process for forming pro-social character. Perfect for K12 classrooms, Special Ed., and for training your staff! You need:

  • Leader Pro for Principals and teachers with more than 12 staff or students.
  • Team Leader for teachers and counselors with fewer than 12 students at any given time.
  • Individual for students.


Employee turnover and lost-time result largely from health or mental health issues, family child, adult, or senior care needs, addiction, and sometimes crime. Help employees solve their pressing issues with Truthought GO and watch your workforce thrive, and your lost-time factors all but disappear! You need:

Social Services

Interact more effectively and consistently with Truthought GO. Perfect for court services, probation/parole, reentry services, mental health services, addiction services, outpatient, youth, adult, foster care and family services, other helping organizations,… and for training staff! You need:

  • Leader Pro for directors, clinicians, officers, agents with staff or caseloads over 12 people.
  • Team Leader for those with caseloads fewer than 12 clients.
  • Individual for clients.

Membership Levels

Individual Member

$3.95 /mo*

Access hundreds of exercises. Accept
Team Invitations and Join a Team!

Team Leader


Access Leader Discussion Plans. Earn Truthought Leader Certificate. Lead a small group or family (up to 12 people).

Team Leader Pro

$17.95 /mo*

Access Pro Trainer Plans. Lead Truthought Training! Lead unlimited groups and organizations of all sizes!

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Feature Comparison

Truthought GO works on all your devices!

Life Changing ExercisesHundredsHundreds + Discussion PlansHundreds + Discussion Plans + ProTrainer Discussion Plans
Personal TimelineYesYesYes
Track Personal ProgressYesYesYes
Review Your Exercise Transcripts YesYesYes
Accept Invites to Join GO TeamsYesYesYes
Private Team DiscussionsYes*YesYes
Create Team &
Invite Members
1 Leader,
1 Team,
up to 12 Members**
1 Leader, Unlimited Teams,
Unlimited Members**
Leader Discussion PlansYesYes
Review Team Exercise TranscriptsYes***Yes***
Truthought Leader Training CourseYesYes
Trainer for Leader CourseYes + Pro Trainer Discussion Plans

*Invitation from a Team Leader required
**Individual membership required to join a team
*** To review team exercise transcripts team members must set the option to allow Team Leader Review