Truthought Workshops

Truthought offers training the way you want it and when you need it.

Join us at a scheduled event or host an onsite workshop for your staff.

1 or 2 Day Workshops

  • Identify thinking barriers that lead to problems in living.
  • Redirect tactics and replace errant thinking and behavior with responsible thinking.
  • Establish a universal language and consistent, evidence-based approach.
  • Foolproof your expectations and consequences to ensure improved outcomes.
  • Learn how to effectively influence a transformation from antisocial values and beliefs to prosocial values, beliefs and character
  • Practice Truthought dialog to spur positive behavior and ownership of pro-social principles.
  • Form a culture for working with clients and students in person and with Truthought GO.

After the Workshop

We stay engaged with you in Truthought GO while you complete the remaining certification modules. You can review or repeat the training modules in Truthought GO at anytime!

Certificates of Completion

  • Truthought Leader Certificate
  • Truthought  Trainer Certificate–(requires a  Leader Pro membership)