Truthought Workshops

Hybrid Training Outcomes

Truthought Training doesn’t cost, it pays!

Truthought hybrid training really makes a difference in the learning and skills staff take-away. Learning from traditional training fades over time, but combined with Truthought GO staff continue to grow.

Untrained staff operate from personal intuition leading to mixed results. Truthought Training offers a universal language and systematic approach that pulls staff together and improves organizational performance.

1 and 2 Day Workshops

Learn how to:

  • Identify thinking barriers that lead to problems in living.
  • Redirect tactics and replace errant thinking with responsible thinking.
  • Establish a universal language and consistent, evidence-based approach.
  • Foolproof your expectations and consequences to ensure learners make progress even when they are non-compliant.
  • Effectively influence a transformation from antisocial values and beliefs to prosocial values, beliefs and character.
  • Master Truthought dialog to spur positive behavior and lasting ownership of pro-social principles.
  • Form a culture for working with clients and students.

After the Workshop — In Truthought GO

Stay engaged in Truthought GO where you access additional certification training modules, earn your certificate, and interact in Q&A with practitioners from around the country in the Truthought Leader Forum. You can review or repeat the training modules in Truthought GO at anytime!

In addition you can work with clients and give them the resources they need to succeed. Select from hundreds of interactive, cognitive-behavioral exercises, track staff/client progress, keep everyone focused with team discussions – all from your favorite device.

Give staff ongoing training and clients the resources they need to succeed in Truthought GO.

Certificates of Completion

  • Truthought Leader Certificate
  • Truthought  Trainer Certificate–(requires a  Leader Pro membership)

Truthought Training does not cost, it pays for itself again and again.

Contact us for information about a 1-Day Workshop and Truthought GO digital continuous learning.