Truthought Workshops

Truthought offers training in its evidence-based process the way you want it and when you need it.

Coming in 2019 for a limited time attend a Truthought Workshop free with a Truthought GO annual Team Leader or Pro membership!

Register for a scheduled event or schedule an onsite workshop for your staff.

1-Day Workshop

  • Master a universal language and a systematic, evidence-based approach using proven evidence-based methods and curriculum in Truthought GO.
  • Practice dialog techniques to replace thinking errors, redirect tactics, spur positive motivation and ownership of prosocial principles.
  • Use Truthought GO to gain access to cognitive-behavioral exercises and foolproof consequences that prompt positive, pro-social character.
  • Develop a confident, consistent team approach as you learn-by-doing together in breakout groups.

After the Workshop

We stay engaged with your staff in Truthought GO until completion. Repeat the training in Truthought GO as often as you like anytime!

Certificates of Completion

  • Core Thinking Barriers and Tactics Certificate
  • Truthought Leader Certificate
  • Truthought Leader Trainer Certificate–Truthought GO Trainer status.

Fill-in the form below to request a workshop proposal. To help us provide you with the most accurate quote, please include the approximate number of participants and the dates you prefer.

When you’re ready for more!

If you’ve been using Truthought for … well, years. You may be ready to take it to the next level and tackle whatever troubles your community on a larger scale. We want to see your region raise the bar on its rating, ranking, and statistics. From the start we do the heavy-lifting to help engage community interest and support. We will help you link arms to launch a targeted-strategy that will improve lives and give your community a reputation makeover from the inside out. Continuous quality improvement processes backed by technology to measure your progress and keep everyone connected will ensure your momentum keeps going until you reach your goals.

You would think a program like this would take a lot of energy and cost a lot, but our approach is designed to be cost efficient with built-in scalability, so that it always fits and never exceeds your capability or your budget. Your investment stays within your control and pays for itself in community dividends again and again.

Truthought brings the strategies and know-how to increase more meaningful, responsible ways of life community-wide! Your community will line-up to take part and together create a legacy that lasts for years to come.

Contact us to learn more.